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Our Officers provide affordable, professional services. These Officers are experienced, professional, and Law Enforcement Supervised. So many companies charge so much for security services. As a result, many companies hire based on price alone. Why hire a company solely for the price of their services when you can hire our Security services at a lower price with a higher quality service.

Security Services do not have to be a huge part of your budget. Our company can assist you in determining the best security solution for you and your business. We can help you determine simple, yet effective methods to protect what’s important you all while keeping your budget in mind.
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Our Security Costs are Low.

27101.1- Unarmed Security Officer $13.76 to $17.85 (Upon Length of Contract)
27102.1- Armed Security Officer Level II $22.00 - $36.00
27130- Police Officer Level III $65.00 - $150.00 (Upon type & Threat Level)
Elite Criminal Activity Suppression Team (C.A.S.T)  Services Used for High Risk problem locations with criminal activities. Consist of 9 man team guaranteed to Suppress the problem! Contact us for Consultation.

"Praemunio est protégé" is Latin and means "To secure is to protect." Don't let your business investment suffer because of a lack of security. Protect it.

Why use a New Jersey Security Guard Patrol service?

Security Patrol Services were established to supplement local Law Enforcement Patrols. As Law Enforcement continues to respond to more and more calls for service, their patrols decrease. Relying on local Law Enforcement to patrol your business is just not practical. Using a Security Patrol provides a reliable security presence.

Vehicle Patrol Service includes:

A single visit on the patrol generally includes a drive through of the entire property, visual checking of external doors and windows of buildings on the property, monitoring the area for criminal mischief, and unauthorized people or vehicles. The first visit on the patrol also includes the physical checking of all exterior doors and windows and fenced areas to ensure they have been secured properly.

Patrol Rates & Specials

What level of patrol services do you need?

  • Patrol 1: One Daily inspection during an 8 Tour = $321.00 a month (Tax included)
  • Patrol 2: Two Daily Inspections during an 8 Tour = $642.00 A month (Tax included)
  • Patrol 3: Min. 3 Daily visits during an 8 Tour = $963.00 a month (Tax included)
  • Patrol 4: Posted Officer and Roving Patrol = $19.95 per hour

For Patrol 4, a minimum of one week contract is required. The recommended maximum length of time for this service is 8 weeks.